Saturday, 12 March 2011

just a story line..

once upon a time..daaa!!! so boring
now the real story..
i judge a people by intelligent...hmmm,even he not for me i still respect them
hahaha but not too ugly ofcourse just like the phantom of the opera-genius but ugly....
so...what the main story for today is, no matter how you judge people dn't aspect to high on people coz NO BODY IS PERFECT!! 
OK... end of story..HAPPILY EVER AFTER.....


just a joke for today....
"do you believe free speech"
"good-mind if i use your handphone?"

p/s:(SWSE:so what so ever!!!) hahaha

Saturday, 5 March 2011

silat la....

Today....nope but this night la..hehe.
fuhhhh.pnat giler silat tp fun giler kot..
suma trkejut aku leh silat.yelaaaa aku ni kan the only one yg free hair in kmtj
so..dorang aspect aku ni only a girlish girl..
time nk silat,pehhh scary giler...but if there a will there is a way

moral of the story:
don't judge a book by it's cover.ok!!!
never scare to try something new or adventure.
have fun in what ur doing..


last night my teeth was very pain....but i must eat for 'dinamika thing' whatever!!
The theme was 'Black and White' but ate malay wierd???
Only the desert was quiet cream
However i still enjoy the night with my friends, we laughing,eating and say cheezzz!!!!