Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gossip Girl is i had a bad fever. The one who responsible for this is kak fiza because it gossip girl fever!!!

I love blair and chuck love, eventhough it complicated they just look fit together.

Other than that gossip girl also remind me of me and my best friend when it comes to serena and blair..
Always fight but still stick together through happy and sad moment.

 p/s :Amanda do u remember how often we fight during our high school?? but in the end, we always support each other, right?? if we in same university right now i think it be awesome because we will fight, laugh, study and support each other. However I want u to know i always love u as friend and ofcourse zaty too..luv u both..

Sunday, 29 January 2012

how light i'm.wakaka

Selamat Tahun Baru Cina..hmm baru nak update blog.Saje nak share pasal betapa ringan nyer aku ni sampai pijak telur pun xpecah.'Believe it or not?' telur ostrich dier kuat giler kalo orang lelaki yg bodybuiler tu pijak pon confirm xpecah nyer.HEBAT!

lepas pijak atas telur ostrich mesti la kne tunggang mak ostrich plak kan??badan dier besar giler.Biler dier jalan nak terjatuh rsenyer..fuhh.nasib baik ade abg yg xbeberapa hensem selamatkan..end of story!

p/s:banyak lagi nak citer tapi adikku sayang ni nak gne broadband plak..bye2