Saturday, 20 August 2011

NetBook 1 Malaysia

Last Thursday, i went to Rembau and do u know what i found?? an event about highschool student get a netbook for free!!!

 Even dapat malaysia brand netBook but i think that kind of cool because no one will give u a netbook just for free!!right???

Look at them..each one of them get the netbook.They only have to queue and give their copy of IC. Jealous??? Ofcourse i do!

Not only that, they also can buy accesories box 12 in 1 at only rm 30 and they also got the freebroadband to use for 30 days but not include modem.
p/s: What i want to share here is how lucky is them because at my age there s no way the goverment would give to student such thing. So i hope adik2 will use it well ok??

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Present from Petronas Dagangan Berhad

Paper bag Parkson in KLCC i though maybe they bought there..

Now let look inside the paper bag....hmmmm

i found a cute card with my present that wrap with colourful wrapper

This is my Present!!! 'SHEAFFER'

 Wow!! i got a pink diary with pink pen and purple pen

and the sweet is there is my name on it!!!

This is the most unforgetable memory i got when i was in petronas.They were so friendly and motivating.I have a nice boss and cool sister and brother. I just hope someday i will work at Petronas as Engineer for sure!!

p/s: Thank You Petronas (PDB) i learn a lot from u

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Good Choices

i LOVE to eat!!! but not all healty food taste that bad...i just try this food which taste great for someone that love cereal and plus u will feel full much longer..

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Today, i dapat present from my lovely sister in petronas...Thanks sis ur the best!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

what is beauty??

beauty & the beast?? nope. it just, i want to share something about beauty...

  • Pretty 
  • Thin
  • Tall
  • Hazel eye
  • Great hair
  • Fuuny & Friendly it long lasting forever?? That only my opinion about beauty..but someone told me that only iman that keep you different from others beside Allah...but as human being we always not satisfied with what we have especially with ourself..

Saturday, 6 August 2011

KTM???? Oh, No!!!!

Every weekend slalunyer memang selalu balik seremban...jumpa family tercinta.Tapi...perjalanan balik tu sangat menguji kesabaran

Ini lah keadaan dalam ktm lady coach...bertolak-tolakkan. Picture ni aku amik time betul-betul kat tepi pintu...Aku sampai tak boleh bernafas lah. Tunggu nak pengsan jer lagi. SESAK!!!

Pemegang nyer ade 2 jer

Can you all imagine how hard is that??? (Don't understand? ok, look at the next pic..

Nampak aunty ni..dier kat dalam train tau tapi tak pegang pada tiang or ape2 pon sebab pemegang hanya ada 2 sahaja..If suddenly the train break u all rasa apa yang jadi with aunty ni???

KOC WANITA ( tapi ada jer mamat yang tak faham bahasa!!) 
However i'm in koc wanita it still not comfort  because of the pack of people. Our KTM now make me remember of train in India that push each other to get into the train
What I want to say is... it was a nightmare if i have to take a KT everyday!!! I hope in the future our KTM will be more better like: better air-cond, increase number of train & punctual of time train..

But if KTM is still like this..get a KTM is my last choice...