Saturday, 20 August 2011

NetBook 1 Malaysia

Last Thursday, i went to Rembau and do u know what i found?? an event about highschool student get a netbook for free!!!

 Even dapat malaysia brand netBook but i think that kind of cool because no one will give u a netbook just for free!!right???

Look at them..each one of them get the netbook.They only have to queue and give their copy of IC. Jealous??? Ofcourse i do!

Not only that, they also can buy accesories box 12 in 1 at only rm 30 and they also got the freebroadband to use for 30 days but not include modem.
p/s: What i want to share here is how lucky is them because at my age there s no way the goverment would give to student such thing. So i hope adik2 will use it well ok??

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