Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wake up Guys!!!!

In the morning, the new staff in office whose name .....(girl). They start to know each other..Let we hear....
Boy: Hey babe are you single???
Girl: Ofcourse no ( but actually,yes...daaaa.... better single than couple with him!!!)

Moral of that: Guys don't be so rush( gelojoh) when you meet a new girl, oK!!! They would think you as a play boy or worst....make them afraid of you

Firstly when you find someone you interested in, you should :

* Try to introduce yourself ( but not like in interview)  such as show (not tell her!) what you like to do in weekend by asking her to join you ( not force her) if she interested

*Show her some of your skill ( not to over), so she will respect you more..

*Girl will definitely crush on you when you care and love to your family because through this they can see what kind of person are you? responsible or not..???

So... guys you can use this tips to tackle a girl who not play girl

WARNING: this tips not suitable for play girl because those girl not like NICE GUYS!!!

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