Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Plan

Good morning!!!Wake this lovely morning i would like to share some hot new....

1st. i went to shopping with my mum and suprisingly she bought so many cloth & i ask her why she does so...Then, (malay verion) mum saya cakap die nak mula buat perniagaan baju and tudung..

2nd pula ape yang buat saya excited ialah mum saya cakap kalau saya dapat jual sehelai baju mum akan bagi komisen..Soooo i'm be interest to sell it and especially to my friend

3rd So why not??? my dear friends, who interest to bought and to survey please email me,ok? (the price range is all clothes under rm50)                                                     

polca-d0t fever 



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